The hiring period starts with the release of a Citybike from the locking of a bikebox and ends with the return of the Citybike to a bikebox. The first hour of every ride is free of charge, fees only start accruing with the second hour of uninterrupted use. 

1st hour
for the
2nd hour
€ 1.00
for the
3rd hour
€ 2.00
for the
4th hour
€ 4.00
for every
further hour
€ 4.00

Registration fee

You have to register before using the Citybike services. The one-time registration fee is € 1.00, this amount will be credited for your longer rides once registration is completed.

Unlocked bike

If your bike is found unlocked by our service team, you will be charged € 20.00 additionnally to the costs of the whole hire period.

Maximum hire period

Should the bicycle not be returned within a period of 120 hours for any reason whatsoever, the hourly rates shall be replaced by a flat rate of € 600.00.

For an address outside of Austria, the User shall be liable to pay any accruing postal fees.

Subject to changes of rates.

The Citybike Wien advice

Take advantage of the free hour! The first hour of a ride is always free! And should you start another ride after more than a 15-minute break, you can take advantage of another "free hour".