You will find here answers to Frequently Asked Questions after the shut down of Citybike Wien system.

General topics

  • What happens to my Citybike account?

    Citybike accounts will not be passed on to the new operator and will be deleted after expiry of the retention periods according to DSGVO.

  • For how long can I hire a Citybike?

    The operation of Citybike Wien was shut down on March 31 2022, rental is no longer possible. 

  • What can I do with my ride credit?

    By participating in Citybike Wien campaigns (survey, Citybike Uphill Team, ...) you can earn a ride credit for Citybike Wien. This can only be used to borrow a Citybike for free for more than one hour. 

    The ride credit can only be used for rides with Citybike Wien, cash redemption or exchange is not possible. 

  • At what time of the year are the Citybikes available?

    The Citybikes are available daily for 24 hrs until the end of March 2022.
    Then the system will be shut down.